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Feel like your business is getting left behind in the digital world? We can help.

Personal coaching and digital strategy development covering key online activities including websites, social media and digital marketing. Everything you need to get moving.

Digital coaching is delivered in Hobart and Southern Tasmania by In-tellinc.

For more information email Rob at or call 6165 1555.

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How can our coaching help you gear up your business?

Digital strategy

Without a plan you can be guaranteed maximum effort for minimum result. Be clear about where you’re trying to get to.

Building a new website

We’ll help you tell a story that is clear, concise and captivating. We’ll then show you how to get it online with a minimum of fuss.

Selling online

Retailing online is simpler than ever. It's important to pick the right platform and approach for your products.

Creating a digital marketing plan

Having an online presence doesn't mean your customers will find it. Learn how to build loyalty with existing customers and reach new ones.

Freshening things up

Keeping your website and social media up to date and relevant is crucial to connecting with customers.

Software and technology problems

Using the wrong tools can waste time on problems that aren’t central to the success of your business. We can show you a better way.

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Success Stories

Photo of Shasta standing in tge Gallerie SeventyOne exhibition space
The Gallerie SeventyOne logo


By Shasta Stevic

I rented one of the studio spaces in May to work on a curatorial project. On my first day, the building manager agreed I could do a pop-up exhibition in June. The response from the artists was great, so I decided to rent the whole gallery space and run a gallery. It all happened so quickly - it was like running before walking!

I had never run a gallery and needed advice on social media, digital marketing and a website. I found Digital Solutions online, met with Rob, and learned that he had operated a gallery. It was really good connecting with Rob, as he understood my needs and had great ideas for my website and maximising online presence.

Rob also helped me to develop relationships with artists. He contacted other artists who had used the Digital Solutions program and they exhibited their works here. Rob’s support has been amazing.

Since June, I have featured over 100 Tasmanian emerging artists, with 2-week exhibitions and a quick turn-around time in between. Social media and mailchimp keeps my business connected and growing. I also rent out studios in the building and hire out the gallery and basement for events. I have a business partner joining me soon to help with the workload, and my next big plan is to have an online shop for the artists.

The Stelavino Wine Tours logo

Stelavino Guided Wine Tours

By Steliano Cusimani

Working with Rob I really wanted to look at how my business was going in the digital space. I’d started to use social media and was getting engagement. I had a clear story to tell, yet with 45 years experience, in some ways, the story was too big. There was a lot of ground to cover but I needed to bring it into focus.

Through a series of 1:1 in person sessions we began by collecting together all the stories I had to tell and we then moved onto bringing that into focus in a way that would translate into my online presence.

While I was enjoying social media it soon became clear that I needed to bring the same level of spontaneity and energy to the website. To keep the momentum going I also needed to learn how to manage a lot of the updating myself.

Through this process the key changes were that it was time for a new website that I could more easily manage myself and the understanding of the importance of managing my digital media.

Photo of Steliano amongst the grapes at a winery

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We've helped dozens of Tasmanian entrepeneurs go digital. Here's what some of them had to say:

Henrietta Manning

Waterloo, Tasmania

“Making tech accessible to all … thank you”

Jeannie Mooney

Clifton Beach, Tasmania

“ … ASBAS helped me update my social media presence to fit my changing goals … vanquished my fear of the unknown … ”

Billy Li

Hobart, Tasmania

“ … thank you for the quality of the service provided. I sincerely appreciate the efficient service & the level of detail”

Lysbeth Driessen

Grove, Tasmania
@lysbethdriessenart on Instagram

“ … with a hands on approach & application of layman's terms for clear concise explanations. They excel in digital mentoring”

Tracy Willans

Dover, Tasmania

“ … has been wonderful, gently guiding me through the process, to help me establish my arts business”

Megan Woodward

Warrane, Tasmania

“ … we covered a lot of ground in a short space of time. With Framergram there's so many details where you helped”

Lisa Britzman

Glen Huon, Tasmania

“ … instrumental in getting us up to speed with our digital marketing and member website”

Everything you need to get moving.

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